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Alice’s Support Services are for all Women whom have experienced Psychiatric / Emotional distress.

Support services are also provided for the dependent children and carers.

Our mission…

As a feminist service we have the belief that women in this society are systematically disadvantaged, especially those who are poor, homeless, psychiatrically distressed and have dependent children.

We believe that all women are entitled to have the opportunity to access all resources, to experience equal status in society and have the freedom to reach their full potential.

Our objective is to assist women in developing their own independent living skills, as well as, their parenting skills thereby enabling them to live with their children in a secure, nurturing and happy environment. Each member of the family is encouraged to develop and ultimately achieve his/her own goals.

Do you qualify?

We accept referrals from anywhere within the Western Sydney area. Simply contact us on 02 9622 9791 and ask to be considered for a referral if there are any vacancies.

  • Wish to develop skills aimed towards independent living, e.g: parenting, budgeting, social and assertiveness.
  • Will actively participate in the programme arranged between them and their workers which include: groups, case plans and quarterly reviews of their progress.
  • Women who are dealing with a past alcohol or drug problem in a constructive way and who have a mental health problem as their primary diagnosis.